Edelbrock Performer 1404 on a Huffaker single-plane manifold
Edelbrock Performer 1404 on a Huffaker single-plane manifold

The V8 carbs: Information on Webers

This article appeared in The British V8 Newsletter - Volume IV, Issue 1 - January 2006

by: Jean Monfort

Edelbrock Performer 1404

The 1404 is probably the easiest four barrel carburetor to tune and is designed to have a good power and fuel-efficiency. But, contrary to appearances, maximum fuel efficiency is really subject to the intake manifold choice. Before choosing a dual-plane, for example, it's necessary to have a look at your camshaft characteristics. Most intake manifolds are made for maximum efficiency under 4500 RPM. With these ones, forget seeing 5500 RPM and above!

The guy who needs power everywhere must get a single-plane intake. For me, the best from idle to 7000 RPM is the Huffaker (from Real Steel: 240 UK Pounds, see the picture), but 1" higher. And probably the single-plane Harcourt too, from D & D. The Edelbrock works very well with a Huffaker.

4 X Weber 40/45 DCOE

4 X Weber 40/45 DCOE

Here the horses are breaking into a gallop! The cheapest on E-bay is the 40DCOE, but the 45DCOE has the best potential with big-bore engines. A set of 36mm venturis for a fast road car, or a set of 38mm ones if you are going to rally. Properly jetted, they will give a lot of torque, but not the maximum BHP possible. As for the sound, the best, no doubt!

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4 X Weber 40/45 DCOE with swan neck inlets
Matthew Cooper from Eurocarbs Ltd (www.Dellorto.com) can provide the swan neck inlets shown above.


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More power, a little bit less torque. The 48IDF works very well on big bore engines.

Weber IDF

These are the shortest manifolds, and are not easy to find. Equipped with short rams, they can fit under an MGC Bonnet. Dan LaGrou has this very good one from Harcourt.

water-heated intake manifold

Mangoletsi in the UK makes a stock style water-heated intake manifold. Very nice. Pierce Manifold claims about 20 bhp more than fuel injection. (K817 $306 + MM4471 - $1,626)

Available from Europa spares, too, about 500 UK Pounds (www.europaspares.com, item 4471A). Be careful because this intake (as is true with the stock one) doesn't like the hard planed cylinder heads. Lowering the heads, raises the compression, and "moves" the ports and the bolt holes down. On mid tune engines, go to the 40IDF.



The standard IDAs have nothing to do with the triple IDA from Porsche. The common IDAs don't have really a progression system and are designed to race and to special applications. The Berg IDA carburetor (www.geneberg.com) is virtually the only one to meet the advantages of the IDA and of the IDF from Weber, having a progression circuitry. Maybe the best! (at 950 each).

In summary, the Weber's potential is the greatest you can buy. They are easy to tune and synchronize, but they need a good linkage.

E-bay is paved with carbs, so what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This page was researched and written by Jean Monford. Views expressed are those of the author, and are provided without warrantee or guarantee. Apply at your own risk.

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