Water Pump Alternatives for BOP/Rover "215" Engines

The British V8 Newsletter - Volume ??, Issue ? - (not yet published)

by: Kurt Schley

Although the following pumps will all bolt-up interchangeably, the following differences should be noted:

1)  The distance from mounting gasket to pulley flange is about 4.5" on non-AC water pumps vs. about 3.8" on AC pumps.

2)  An AC pump can be made from a non-AC pump by pressing the pulley flange back further onto the shaft.

3)  The curved-blade impeller on the Buick 300 pump is said to be more efficient, moving 14gpm at 100rpm.

Front   Top   Inside
1962-63 Buick 215 w/AC - part number 1388513

Front   Top   Inside
1962 Oldsmobile F-85 w/AC - part number 382694

Front   Top   Inside
This is a non-AC pump, right? Can you recall whether it's a Buick/Olds (1389457) or a Rover pump?

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Front   Top   Inside
1964-1965 Buick 300 (Was this used on V6 too?)

Front   Top   Inside
Is this a Buick V6 water pump?

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