Installing a Tremec 5-speed in a TR6

This article appeared in The British V8 Newsletter - Volume X, Issue 2 - May 2002

by: Les Shockey

After several years of driving with a Ford C4 automatic transmission, I decided the time had come to swap to a 5-speed manual. With about 450 horsepower on tap, just any old 5-speed wouldn't do - I needed something a bit more stout than the average T5. The following photographs and captions describe the conversion process:

Ford Motorsport bellhousing Tremec transmission
First thing was to make more room for the bell-housing. I installed a new flywheel pressure plate and clutch, pilot bearing, all Ford Motorsport parts. I used a Lakewood blow-proof bell-housing. Note that it is a bit larger than a stock T5 bell-housing.

Bell housing and transmission installed. Note that I did not have a throw-out fork installed. The use of a pneumatic throw-out bearing saves space and is easier to install.

The Tremec rear mount was in a different location than the C4, but I believe it is the same as for the T5. I made a new mounting plate and moved it back 2 inches. It is also important to make this so it can be removed.

The transmission is now in position. I installed the transmission from the top because the car was sitting on a trailer and, of course, all the interior had to be removed. This was the lesser of the two options I had. The other was to pull out the engine. Note that the standard Tremec shifter location is in the rear. This is back just a bit too far for my preference, so I elected to spend a additional $300 to get the mid shifter kit. I believe most people may be OK with the rear, using a bent forward shifter.

Tremec shifter Tremec center shift kit
Here is a better view of the shifter location. The drive shaft did not have to be touched, as it was the same length and setup as the C4 installation.

This is what it looks like with the center shift kit installed. The Tremec transmission is a bit taller than the C4 I had installed before, so I cut the top of the tunnel out to allow room. The shifter arm was heated and bent back about 3 inches for fine adjustment.

The finished installation. To cover the hole made by the larger transmission. I used a center console from a 1985 Honda, which has worked out quite well.

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TR6 modified pedal set up clutch cylinder
The pedal set up was on the small side for foot space. Because of the larger bell housing, everything was shifted to the left about 6 inches. Note: the brake pedal is where the clutch pedal was and the clutch is moved over and attached directly to clutch actuation lever.

The stock clutch master cylinder in the original location was used to power the hydraulic throw-out bearing. This saved a lot of space.

After driving my TR6 with both an automatic and a manual 5 speed, I'm convinced the 5 speed is the only way to go. The car is much more responsive and I'm now able to cruise the highway at 60 mph at around 2000 rpm with a 3:73 gear.

Disclaimer: This page was researched and written by Les Shockey. Views expressed are those of the author, and are provided without warrantee or guarantee. Apply at your own risk.

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