Found: A Wade R034 Supercharger for Rover and Small Buick V8's

by: Kurt Schley

(originally published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XI Issue 2, May 2003)

I Ran across this at the 2002 Spring Carlisle swap meet. It is a RO34 Wade Supercharger set-up for a Buick/Olds 215. Intake manifold was fabricated from tube and plate, but not a bad job.

That pulley shaft sticking 10" out of the front of the blower case would certainly play havoc with the shaft bearings. The vendor wanted $1200 which was a little steep, as the blower and manifold would definitely need some TLC. Nosing around on the Internet found lots of Wade supercharger info on various UK sites. Apparently it is not uncommon for use on Rover V8's.

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