MGB V8 / 215 BUICK Heater Hose Conversion Kit

MGB V8 / 215 BUICK Heater Hose Kit

This article appeared in The British V8 Newsletter - Volume X, Issue 1 - January 2002

by: Bob Spurr

Parts list for heater hose kit:

Part 1: water pump to upper right side of heater core outlet

Gates #28474 - 3/4 ID: molded hose from pump w/90 bend.

Gates #28467 - 5/8 ID: molded center hose w/90 bend.

Gates #28461 - 1/2 ID: molded hose to top right heater outlet w/90 bend.

Gates #28611 - 3/4 - 5/8:plastic hose connector from water pump hose to center hose

Gates #28610 - 5/8 - 1/2:plastic hose connector from center hose to heater core hose.

#HS12 (4 each) and #HS10 (2 each) - hose clamps

Option: two round clamps to secure center hose to block that can be mounted to the two top valve cover screws. Keep in mind that you will need to keep proper clearance for the throttle linkage in front of the choke linkage so the hose does not hang up.

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Notes: When fitting hose number 28461, you will need to cut off from the long side of the hose about 4" for a nice fit. When fitting hose number 28474, you will need to cut off from the short end about 1" for a nice fit.

Part 2: Heater core outlet to heater control valve on back of intake manifold

Gates # 28460 - 1/2 ID: molded hose from heater core to control valve.

#HS10 - (2 each) hose clamps

Note: When fitting hose number 28460, you will need to cut 1" off one end, either side of the hose, for a nice fit.

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