(Volume XI, Issue 1 - January 2003)

Axle Weight Comparison

as published in British V8 Newsletter, Volume XI Issue 1, January 2003

Rear Axle Weights, as weighed by Dan LaGrou:

MGB: 167 lb.
Chevy S-10: 160 lb.
Ford 9" (early): 186 lb.
Dana 44: 195 lb.

As weighed by Dan Masters:

MGB: 165 lb
Ford 9" (with Tru-Trac diff): 221 lb

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Dan noted: "My measurements were obtained with a set of bathroom scales, so the two pound difference is well within the inaccuracies of my scales. The 35 pound difference between 9" Ford weights is attributable to the Tru-Trac differential, and seems to be a reasonable value for the additional weight of the Tru-Trac. These weights included the brake assemblies as well as the axles."

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