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Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 12:10 AM
To: Curtis Jacobson
Subject: Re: Direct Ignition article?
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From: Curtis Jacobson
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Subject: Direct Ignition article?



Hi Howard!


I received your letter today, and I thank you for your very kind words.


The reason I’m responding IMMEDIATELY is because I’d really love to have an article on direct ignition for the next newsletter issue!  I’m excited about it.  PLEASE send along a copy ASAP by whatever way is most convenient for you. I don’t know if Microsoft Word will open a Word Perfect 8 document, but it sure seems like it should...  or, if it’s convenient for you, why not simply paste the text into an e-mail?  


Are there photos too? The easiest way for me to work with them is if they’re sent as separate files. (The higher the resolution the better… I can receive really big files.)


I don’t mind correcting grammar… I just see that as part of the job.  


You didn’t include your phone number in the letter. If you want to contact me quickly, one way is to call my company’s toll-free number: 866-668-8697.


Thanks again for your thoughtful note, and your interest in being a British V8 writer.


Very best regards,




p.s. I barely received anything at all from James… so it doesn’t surprise me to learn he had articles submitted that got lost. He’s pissed me off every time I tried to get information from him.


p.p.s. I’m curious about your e-mail address. You don’t have one of those Burt Rutan “Long EZ” airplanes, do you?


 Yes, I have a kit but have not started on the plane yet. The former owner had constructed the sides of the fuselage and a couple of bulkheads but that is the way I wanted it so I could make my own mistakes. I am also building a jig to build a Breezy fuselage on.




 429 Martin Street

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Ok, Curtis I will try to attach it as a file which should contain the photos. let me know if that don't work and I will try it another way.